A working business in Europe is a dream for many and we made our dream come true, by establishing a profitable hookah lounge bar in Prague. Due to the absence of same-level competitors in the beginning, we had a great success and raised the bar in hookah business. Now there are about 40 hookah lounges in Prague and we keep our positions, by always improving and giving our customers "wow" factors.

If you have ever visited a typical shisha bar in Europe, then you probably know about the quality of hookah, tobacco preparing and level of service (add as many carpets as possible and a mediocre shisha bar is ready). Strangely enough, these establishments are quite popular, because of the lack of proper ones, of course.

Nowadays hookah is a popular attribute for relaxing and chilling with friends and partners. Audience is wide - from students to businessmen. European hookah market is emerging - "proper" hookah lounges with tasty design and good product appear in big and tourist cities. Locals progressively are getting engaged in smoking culture and choose hookah bars as a leisure and "chill" spot.


Year 2018 - is the best time to jump into the passing train and become the best in your city. How to do it?

Find out on following SMOKEBERRY FRANCHISE example.

Opening a hookah lounge in Europe, that will be way ahead of competitors, will bring you tons of customers and hundreds of good reviews. Systematic approach and automation of business operations will give more free time for your personal life and new projects

Hookah industry grows at a rapid pace worldwide. According to Google Trends the first place for "shisha bar" query takes Germany, then Switzerland, Austria and USA. It is highly doubtful that shisha industry will disappear as it is not just "smoking", it is a culture, a reason to meet, reunite and spend quality time. Our statistics indicate that average age of target audience also on the rise, so we can say that shisha is not just for youngsters.

Opening a hookah lounge bar is not cheap.On the other hand, a price for a mediocre hookah in Poznan, Poland is 20 euros. Multiply this number by at least 1000 hookahs per month, add bar and kitchen revenue. Not bad?


Now imagine, how popular your stylish lounge bar will be, with its high quality product, ready-made content plan, tasty banners and posts for SMM, well-trained staff and unique of preparing hookah technique.


Our franchise package of service provides a ready-to-implement business model and huge advantage over competitors.