About us

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George Novikov

Co-founder Smokeberry

Other businesses experience:

La Rose - online flower shop (till 2016)

NK Group - concert organisation (till 2015) 

Brandars - design agency (present)

Lime TV - PR agency (present)


It all started in 2013, with "Hookah at home" service. We'd been delivering shishas in IKEA bags by subway. We received great feedback and realised that we were moving in a right direction. 


We started hookah catering at parties and concerts. After several successful catering events, we began our co-operation with event organisers and tour promoters. Then we established a long-term shisha outsourcing with a couple of bars and restaurants.

цена Франшиза Кальянной Smokeberry Franc

2013 - 2015

цена Франшиза Кальянной Smokeberry Franc

In autumn 2015 we opened our hookah lounge in Prague and had a record number of guests in the very first month. Our main "thing" was hookah on fruit bowls. We developped our own technique, thanks to which our shishas became the smokest in the city. Our dream came true. That year we decided to cultivate a shisha culture in Europe and create a network of high quality hookah bars.

Within the first year we automated most of the processes and invested our free time in new projects. We made 2 t-shirt collections at SMB Wear and tested our own tobacco and e-liquid. Also we introduced sushi in Smokeberry. We hired a well-known sushi chéf and created a great recipe and menu. Now we can claim that our sushi are among the best in Prague.

We automated and united all our side projects under the SMB GROUP roof. Then we decided to share our experience with others and make hookah lounges in Europe better. This is how the idea of Smokeberry Franchise came to us

2018 appeared to be very productive. We opened a second bar in Prague 1. We have been working on our recipes (burgers, pastas, salads, seasonal offers etc..). Now Smokeberry is a chain of restaurants with hookahs. We have gotten into a new level. We participated in Frankfurt's Hookah Battle and sponsored Ektor's concert along with RedBull and PlayStation.

We also signed the first franchise contract. 2018 was a good year, but we have much bigger plans for 2019.

цена Франшиза Кальянной Smokeberry Franc
цена Франшиза Кальянной Smokeberry Franc
цена Франшиза Кальянной Smokeberry Franc






Our goals is to create a holding, operating in several niches. We already established a chain of restaurants and hookah bars and we keep going forward. We tried different project as SMB Games (gaming community), SMB Wear (clothing brand), we test our own tobacco production, plan on making our own hookahs, distribute coals, open hookah shops and plan on trying new restaurant concepts. 

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